About us

“Your Guide For Life”

Whether your interest is travel, dining, entertainment or shopping, MetroGuide.com, Inc. provides the information you want to know about the cities where you reside, work or visit. Our growing series of sites are of interest to anyone who needs a guide service for the things to want to do and the places to want to go. We’re working hard to be nothing less than “Your Guide For LifeSM.”

Throughout its history, our company has been a pioneer in the publication and technology of local content and travel guides. In 1992, our company’s founder envisioned a dramatically transformed world of digital information services that would one day replace what is now often referred to as “old media”. By 1993, the first MetroGuide debuted in electronic format, and MetroGuide has been in continuous service ever since.

Evolving rapidly over the years since its inception, MetroGuide.com, Inc., along with its extensive family of websites, has become one of the most trusted sources of metropolitan-level information for residents of, and visitors to, the cities it covers. With tens of thousands of edited business profiles, plus a forum for thousands of authentic reader reviews, the MetroGuide Network is a truly unique resource.

MetroGuide goes far beyond more of the same city guide style of information that’s available in old media that merely place online the equivalent of a travel brochure or a newspaper’s weekend section. Our company innovates beyond traditional static publishing models with one critical improvement – “context”. Within the MetroGuide Network, both opportunities to buy things and promotional messages are presented in the context of the information being offered. This dramatically increases the value of the content and transforms what would otherwise be mere information into potential action. So, if you decide to act on the information we present, the ability to do something – book a hotel, reserve a restaurant, find a dining discount, rent a car, etc. – is built directly into the content. It’s called contextual commerce, and we aim to be the world’s leader in its implementation.

MetroGuide.com, Inc. hopes you’ll join us as a member, receiving both our critically acclaimed content, in whatever format you desire, in addition to the relevant commercial opportunities associated with it. Let us be your guide — “Your Guide For Life.”

The MetroGuide Team