MetroGuide Network

Introducing the MetroGuide Network of global travel and entertainment sites. A trusted source of critically acclaimed local content and travel guides for more than a decade, with over 4 million hits monthly, now offers advertisers the ability to reach:

  • Over 1 million unique visitors monthly
  • 250 thousand plus pages of travel and entertainment related sites
  • over 9,500 Restaurants
  • over 40,000 Hotels

Why Advertise Online?

  • Unlike the “passive” traditional mediums of radio and TV, where your audience is not neccessarily “engaged”, viewer response online is improved by “active involvement” at a time and place convenient to them.
  • Also, unlike broadcast advertising, the customer is able to take immediate action by clicking on your ad to visit your website for more information…increasing your opportunity to encourage viewers to act now.
  • Advertising online gives you the opportunity to learn how your target audience reacts to your advertising message.

Why MetroGuide Network?

  • Where is my ad anyway? …No Cost per Impression/Cost per Click – the chance to see your ad “live” is slim on most other high traffic websites. Why? Many websites have millions of ‘page views’ each day. Some have billions of page views each month. Therefore, the number of ad impressions you purchase for your campaign may be a very small percentage of the overall number served. Many advertisers become disappointed when they search and are unable to locate their ad.
  • Fixed-position ads: Online Brand Advertising garnering mindshare, not just click-share! …Advertisers on the MetroGuide Network see their ad “live” throughout the duration of their campaign and reap the benefits of 24/7 exposure. Ads are integrated into the site content providing maximum visibility without disrupting user experience.
  • GeoTargeted…the length and reach of your campaign is pre-determined. You will enjoy anytime access to reports on the success of your campaign and have the ability to revise your ad message or appearance as you wish (within the original size/position parameters). FREE of charge.