dubai metro

Dubai Metro

Since September 9, 2009, the city of Dubai, in the Arab Emirates, officially has a metro.

Fully automatic, its network is underground in the heart of the city and overhead elsewhere. Very sophisticated, design and air-conditioned this metro is the image of the city it serves. The Dubai metro project was carried out in two stages to relieve traffic congestion in the city and reduce pollution.

The first phase was the red line that connects Rashidiya, the old part of Dubai, and Jebel Ali airport, passing through the new areas of the city and most of the strategic points of Dubai such as the Trade Center, the business centers and many other activity centers. The second phase includes the construction of the Green Line, which will connect the airport free zone to Health Care City. This means that some stations will serve primarily residential areas, while others will serve business districts, of which there are many, and commercial areas. The system is expected to carry 1.2 million passengers per day. The system will help relieve congestion on the city’s streets, which are heavily congested with private vehicles.

The main problem with this project was the difficult weather conditions. The Dubai Metro is the longest fully automated rail system in the world when it opens in 2009. The trains and stations will be equipped with platform doors to facilitate air conditioning. Construction began in March 2006 and the network is expanding to address the problems of rapid population growth and the number of tourist visitors per year. When completed, the Dubai Metro will have 70 km of lines and 47 stations, including 9 underground stations, making it the longest fully automated rail system in the world. A sort of large grey caterpillar, it will run along the skyscrapers, crossing the city from one side to the other. It is without doubt the most luxurious subway in the world. It was manufactured by a Japanese company, Mitsubishi Heavy Industry.

The change of mentality is difficult to make in a country where the wealthy residents are used to travel by limousine to their home or office. The metro spirit has to be adorned with high technology, ecology, and the high-end spirit that animates the whole country. Some compartments are reserved for women, in the pure traditional and religious local style. The seats are made of leather, and the whole thing offers a practical, very comfortable, excessively clean, well-maintained, safe and modern means of transportation. The government is promoting the financial side for the entire city, saying that from a business perspective, the rail stations and developments along the route will generate economic activity. The new stations will house retail outlets, which represent excellent investment opportunities, either for individual operations or for commercial chains.

In addition, real estate development has already begun along the rail lines and economic activity will be further enhanced by the development of public transportation. The Emirate of Dubai is full of ambitious transportation projects. To combat congestion, the RTA, the authority in charge of roads and transport, is increasing measures to discourage car use and promote the use of public transport.

Mentalities are gradually adapting to this new concept, which favors the multiplication of business and allows the city to breathe a little less exhaust fumes! Ecological and chic!