dubai metro

Dubai Metro

Since September 9, 2009, the city of Dubai, in the Arab Emirates, officially has a metro. Fully automatic, its network is underground in the heart of the city and overhead elsewhere. Very sophisticated, design and air-conditioned this metro is the image of the city it serves. The Dubai metro project was carried out in two

Paris underground

Paris Metro

The idea of designing what would become the famous Parisian metro dates back to 1855 when the engineers Brame and Flachat set out to dig the Parisian underground to allow for a more fluid traffic flow and a more modern transportation network. Unfortunately, the State found their project too costly and they quickly lost their

Rennes Metro

Rennes metro

The Rennes Metro is a tramway network in the city of Rennes, Brittany, France. It was opened on 30 March 2009, and has five lines (A-E). The metro is operated by the company STIF. How many stations are there? There are 30 stations in the Rennes Metro. What are the line colours? There are 5

Marseille Metro

Marseille Metro

The Marseille Metro is a system of underground railway lines in the city of Marseille, France. It is the largest urban metro in Europe. The first line was opened on 5 January 1887 and it currently has 9 lines, with a total length of . How did the Metro develop in Marseille? The system was

Rio de Janeiro Metro

Rio de Janeiro’s metro

The Rio de Janeiro metro is the main public transport system in Rio de Janeiro. It is a network of underground and surface lines that connect the city center to suburbs, providing an efficient and fast way of getting around. The first line was opened in 1914 and has since been extended several times. What

Sydney Metro

Sydney Metro

In the early 1970s, a city-wide light rail system was proposed for Sydney by a private corporation (Transport for NSW). The design was to be based on the Paris Metro and consisted of a light rail network, with an underground section in the CBD. The proposal was rejected by the state government as too expensive,

Brussels Metro

Brussels Metro

However, inspired by the French and London model, Belgian engineers had been considering such a structure in the heart of the city since 1892, drawing and submitting projects strongly supported by King Leopold II, a modern and visionary character, well known for his taste in construction and particular architectural ideas. Thus, for almost a century,


The SEPTA is the public transport system of Philadelphia. It has a network of buses, trolleys and trains that covers the city. The SEPTA provides services to more than 1 million passengers every day in the metropolitan area. How do SEPTA buses work? SEPTA buses operate on fixed routes and are numbered according to the

New-York subway

The history of the New York City subway is a long one, both technological, financial and popular. Indeed, long before the first subway lines were put into service, the modern city already had numerous railroad lines scattered throughout the various counties of the future New York City. Several steam-powered overhead lines were therefore built along

metro moscow subway


Following our trip to Moscow, I have summarized all the necessary information to be able to move easily in the Moscow capital. The language barrier as well as their Cyrillic alphabet generate for many travelers, an apprehension (understandable) to visit Russia. Finally, when we are used to taking the metro in Paris, it is very


The Chicago metro is a system of rapid transit in the U.S. state of Illinois, United States, and the surrounding metropolitan area. It is part of the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), which operates all public transportation in the city. The CTA also provides bus service within the city limits. What are your favorite places to


The Glasgow subway is a rapid transit system in the city of Glasgow, Scotland. It is operated by Abellio ScotRail and has been in operation since 1986. The first section opened on 5 January 1986 from St Enoch to Partick with an intermediate station at Kelvinbridge. The second section from Partick to Central was opened


The Budapest metro line was built in 1892. It is a system of underground railways, with more than 100 stations and about 22 km of track. The first section opened on May 1st, 1896. The first station was called Újbuda (New Buda). What led to the decision to build the metro line? The construction of

Lyon Metro

The metro in Lyon is the best way of getting around. It is also a great way to get to know the city and its people. The metro is one of the most important public transport systems in France. It has been operating since 1852 and it has become one of the most popular means


The Berlin U-Bahn is one of the most famous and oldest subway systems in the world. It was built in 1902. The first line was opened in 1906. The system has a total length of about 80 km, with 38 stations. It is also one of the most modern underground transport systems in Europe. What

Sydney Metro


Sydney Metro is a transport system that connects all the suburbs of Sydney. It is an underground, light rail and bus network. The first metro line was opened in 1988 and has since been extended to more than 15 stations. It is also connected to other lines, such as the heavy rail, light rail and

Vienna U-Bahn


The Vienna U-Bahn is a subway system in the city of Vienna, Austria. It is one of the oldest rapid transit systems in Europe and was opened on 1 November 1969. The network consists of two lines, with a total length of . The first line, called U1, runs from Karlsplatz to Am Hof and

Discover Algiers Metro


The metro is the most efficient way to get around Algiers. It is very cheap and you can buy a ticket for less than a franc. You can also use the metro at night, which is particularly useful if you are going to the beach or visiting friends in the suburbs. The metro has two

Buenos Aires Underground


Buenos Aires has a fairly efficient and safe subway (SUBTE) system with a length of 46 km and 80 stations. The Buenos Aires Metro (called Subte in Argentina, short for “subterráneo” which means underground in Spanish, which is the equivalent of underground in English) serves the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was opened in

Yerevan Metro


The Yerevan Metro is an underground rapid transit system in Yerevan, Armenia. It was the first metro line to be built in Armenia and opened on May 28, 1995. The Yerevan Metro has a length of 3.6 km (2.3 mi) and serves the city centre, the northern suburbs, and the southern suburbs of Yerevan. It

istanbul transports

Public transport in Istanbul

Istanbul covers more than 5000km². Getting around is not always easy because on the one hand it is one of the most congested cities in the world and on the other hand its topography makes the development of public transport complicated (Istanbul, like Rome, is built on 7 hills). There is currently a large construction

Metro map Paris

The Paris Subway

The Paris metro is one of the public transport systems serving the city of Paris and its agglomeration. Operated by the Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens (RATP), it comprises sixteen exclusive right-of-way lines, mostly underground, totaling 219.9 kilometers. It has become one of the symbols of Paris, characterized by the density of its network in

worlds oldest subways

The 10 oldest metros in the world

When travelling, taking public transport is a good way to blend in with the locals and feel the pulse of the city you are in. The history of public transport bears witness to the progress of our societies and the metro is a unique invention that has changed the face of urban planning worldwide. Metroguide